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We would love to sit down with you to review your current situation and discover if we can assist in your pursuit of living your dream. Schedule your private, one-hour, complimentary consultation with our team of financial advisors.

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Joint Appointment with Michael & Char

We suggest a joint appointment with Michael & Char if you are anticipating or experiencing a life changing event such as a death in the family, divorce, a new job or nearing retirement.  

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Meet with Michael

Michael is passionate about helping others uncover what is most important to them and executing strategies to help clients pursue their goals. He enjoys working with multi-generational clients of all backgrounds, as well as various levels of financial understanding. With a background in family business, Michael greatly enjoys working with business owners, their families and employees. He works hard for clients seeking ways to help each person “live the dream.”

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Meet with Char

Charlene is passionate about motorcycling AND helping women and men facing the financial twists and turns they encounter along life’s journey.  Divorce, job transition, caregiving, second marriage, widowhood are just some of the life experiences which enable Charlene to professionally empathize.  She coaches clients to gain confidence and perspective to live well through any circumstance.  If you are looking for financial wellness to go hand in hand with personal wellness, schedule a meeting with Charlene. You’ll be happy that you did.

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Meet with Don

To schedule an appointment with Don, please contact our office at